July 23, 2020


Since the quarantine started we’ve been dreaming about the next time to explore and go on an adventure while keeping all the safety measurements.

Last week we finally had the opportunity to visit our photographer friends in upper Wisconsin and at the same time make an adventure from this getaway and visit some incredible places along the Minnesota North Shore and Lake Superior 

Our first stop was Butternut Lake in Wisconsin where we spent two nights. This place face the sunset so cocktail hours turned into the part of the day that everyone waited for after breakfast – I think that’s part of the new routine during this quarantine ;)

The driving from Evanston is about 5 hour and 30 minutes so from Chicago is about 6 hours. 

From Butternut Lake to Two Harbors, Minnesota (the area where all these cool and scenic places are), is about 3hrs.. If you’re adventurous enough and have all camping equipment,  I would recommend checking this website to find out some of the campgrounds

They all look very relaxing and are located inside these state parks like Tettegouche State Park with different waterfalls and scenic trails.

Our Top 3 stops:

Split Rock Lighthouse

The best view of the lighthouse is from the south side point of the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Photo by: Ann&Kam Photography

One thing we didn’t do but highly recommend is to bring some snacks or to plan a picnic at one of the stops since once you’re there, you may want just to relax and enjoy the view (we visited during weekdays so it wasn’t crowded)

2. High Falls at Tettegouche State Park

Apparently there’s more water falls in this park but we only visited High Falls

TIP: In order to park here, you need a Minnesota State Park One-day permit that you can buy online (link here) providing access to as many parks you visit on that day.

3. Palisade Head 

Located along the Minnesota North Shore by Lake Superior, this cliff is a view you don’t want to miss. This is an easy stop since the parking lot is literally next to the cliff


  • Don’t forget your mask! Wear a mask when surround by others and have it handy even if no one else is around. We didn’t run into many people in any of these places but when we did, everyone had a mask ready to put on.
  • Be prepared with your own cleaning/disinfectant supplies in your car or whenever you need them
  • Bring your own cooler packed with water, snacks, etc so you can avoid stopping on the road.

Drive safe and enjoy it!!

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