July 14, 2017

Chicago Backyard Wedding: Rachel + Adam

Moments, moments, moments… that’s what keeps us moving and motivated until the next wedding. Rachel and Adam’s wedding was FULL of those. This couple is so full of life and love, both for each other and for their families. We were waiting to share this backyard wedding with you and here is finally a glance of a super fun and emotional day. We love you both!

Wedding Gown: Theia, Magnolia Bridal

Groom Tux: Men’s Wearhouse


Rachel left everyone speechless… she looked STUNNING!

Like a princess…

Love when brothers are present at “the groom’s getting ready” part of the day

Joy and friends: the perfect combination

Not really a first look, but a first approach before the I Do’s

“She just kissed me!”

(Sorry Adam, I couldn’t resist to name this photo)

… You name this one ;)

Ring Bearer… a tough job ;)

Right after the ceremony, congratulations, and family formals… why not a quiet intimate moment between the new Mr. and Mrs. Let’s call it “The first artistic portrait as Mr. and Mrs.”

Love this welcome sign… Just a few cities where guests were visiting from

We went into the wood to practice the first dance… complete success!

backyard wedding backyard wedding

Just one of the reason we love shooting into the woods… magic can and will happen.

Let’s be honest, they couldn’t be more adorable!

Flower girls vs. Angels

I wish we could write a book with “best speeches stories” … for dummies! ;)

I’d never forget their first dance song “Para tu amor” from my fave artists Juanes :)

backyard wedding

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