December 11, 2018

Crystal Tree Country Club Wedding

From now on we will be posting some memories from 2018 and this week we’re starting with Courtney and Sam’s wedding this fall.

The wedding ceremony was planned to be at the beautiful gardens of Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club but thanks to the unpredictable weather we ended up going with plan B (our best friend these days). From an afternoon with the first snowfall of the season until a multicolor sunset, Courtney and Sam were committed to enjoying every second of their big date no matter what. That’s probably how we ended up trying new technics, playing with new tools and having the best time creating fun and beautiful memories together.

It was a delight to witness the love these two have fort heir families; they all bond through laugher, joy, tears, and some more laughter. Closing our wedding season surrounded by so much happiness was definitely our best reward.

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