November 18, 2016

Fishermen’s Inn Wedding: Jeni and Steve

Let’s be honest, when you love your couples and are blessed enough to call them all friends, it’s hard to be objective and explain all the feelings involved throughout a wedding day. So I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can… Jeni’s favorite answer to any comment, suggestion, or plan was “I love it”! That’s just how energetic and positive she is. Steve is her perfect match… extremely kind and with a big & sincere smile from ear to ear…ALWAYS! If working with people like them isn’t a blessing than I don’t know what is. Obviously, documenting a day surrounded by good energy makes everything perfect. Their bridal party knew that a celebration like this one doesn’t happened twice, and that’s why they didn’t stop laughing, cheering and dancing… these people really knew what the party was for. This was our second time at Fishermen’s Inn, a place with beautiful views, a rustic feeling and an amazing space. Wherever we went to do photos was ideal. The night couldn’t have ended more perfect; Jeni and Steve walked into a big tunnel of sparkles, surrounded by the people they love and who made their day even more unforgettable.

Yes, we love what we do but we love it even MORE when we get to work with amazing couples and vendors.

Thanks to the ALL the amazing team!! It was great working with you all again. Here are the results of all our energy put together…

Venue: Fishermen’s Inn 

Hair + Makeup: Rare Bird Beauty

Cinematography: Amor In Motion 

Photography: Juancho SC Photography

Autor: Johana Londono



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