October 20, 2016

Hotel Allegro Chicago: Justyna and Jeremy

Justyna and Jeremy picked a unique venue for their wedding day, the Hotel Allegro in downtown, Chicago. We fell in love with the art deco design that fills this place with glamour and romance at the same time.

 Team J (as we called each other since day #1) brought even more glam to this venue with the way they planned their day… her dress, the color palette, his tux, the small and very energetic bridal party, the CAKE (1920’s inspiration), their sweet little guests and most of all, a groom so in love with his stunning bride that it shows all over his face. Basically we loved everything about this day!!

 We’re so happy to share some beautiful images of a couple so in love that it’s contagious. Here’s to you Team J!:)

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