May 15, 2019

Top 4 reasons to plan a Destination Engagement Photo Session

A destination engagement photo session is basically going away to have the engagement photos taken in a different city from where the wedding is going to be at.

We have been doing more of these shoots in the last years and is maybe because it become popular for adventurous couples.

Usually the destination is somewhere with beautiful landscapes, a beach, an epic city, the place where “everything” started, his/her home town or a place that have a special meaning to the couple.

But why you should plan a destination engagement? Here are our top four reasons:

Reason #1: Have a different setting than your wedding day

Let’s say you’re planning a beach wedding but love big cities like New York or Chicago, then you should definitely plan a destination engagement session. More than anything, you want your photos to be completely different and if you enjoy traveling you’ll also start creating more memories together.

Destination Engagement photo session of couple walking in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Reason #2: For an “Earlymoon” before the planning starts

The 1st time we had heard from an “Earlymoon” was from a couple last year that took a vacation to relax and forget about the wedding planning. With all the stress and the decision making, going away and get these photos done in that place you enjoy is a pretty good excuse.

Hamptons destination engagement photo session at a golf course

Reason #3:Visit family and old Friends

When life gets busy and getting to meet all of your fiancé’s family and closest friends before the wedding could be difficult, planning a short trip to her/his hometown could be the solution and a great opportunity to do you E-session

Destination Engagement photo session photo in Time Square New York at night

Reason #4: Get to know your photographer

Last but not least, you won’t regret being in front of the camera before the big day. Seriously guys, you have no idea how important is to spend a fun session with your photographer before the actual wedding day. It would put you on ease and you would go from “I look awkward in front of the camera” or “I don’t know what to do with my hands” to “I got this” and “this is actually fun, can we do it again tomorrow?”. True story! ;)

Couple hugging with Chicago skyline background during their destination engagement photo session
Couple hugging during destination engagement photo session in Downtown Chicago
Destination engagement photos at night with Wrigley Building in the background
night shot of a couple in front of Wrigley Building in Chicago
Silhouette of an engaged couple with Chicago downtown in the background
Engagement photos on hudson river in New York City
silhouette of a couple during engagement pictures
Engaged couple overlooking Chicago Skyline from Milton Olive Park
Couple destination engagement photo on Lasalle street Bridge in Chicago during sunset

“Travel open your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.”

Paula Bendfeldt

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