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March 31, 2017

Travel Photography – Lost in Europe – Part I

There is a quote on my Yoga mat that says: “Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself” Well, I think we found ourselves several times during this trip ;)

Believe or not, we felt like it was the first time traveling out of our comfort zone… it was a wonderful – wierd feeling but extremely FUN. Just to give you an idea, we forgot the basics to traveling: how to use a map, follow simple instructions, how to rent a bike, etc. and this was just the first 2 days of 15. (FYI nothing changed in the entire trip).

If you ask me what was the best part of this experience, it was the feeling of being lost in such beautiful, romantic, and mystical cities; to forget about everything and be amazed by little things.

While we were lost, we discovered a few things:

– Once you make it to Paris, you start feeling extremely romantic and passionate about pretty much EVERYTHING: life, art, fashion, architecture, fragrances, baguettes, champagne, crepes, bikes, history, and Cafés (sitting in one of these Cafes while facing the street with a drink on hand, watching people pass by… that’s for me La vie en rose). There is so much to say about Paris but my suggestions are simple… If you haven’t been there yet, please stop reading this and check some air tickets NOW and just GO. The flight is fast (no jet lag at all), the price is decent (cheaper than you expect) and the experience is priceless!!!

– We left Paris behind (not for too long since we’re already planning when to go back), and we arrived to Florence, Italy. Luckily, we reserved the best Airbnb in this city. The apartment is so far what we always dreamed to be our home. A combination of rustic and artistic designs. Florence reminded us of the charming little towns we have in Colombia. Colorful, with so much history, and warm people. They had an interesting ability for art… its like they are all artists. From the little antique store to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum. One of the downsides of “not having a plan” is that you can lose time figuring out where to eat or what to visit first, and that was exactly what happened in Florence. However, we enjoyed the stunning sunset at Ponte Vecchio, we enjoyed the city lights from Piazzale Michelangelo, and the best part… we drove from Florence to Volterra a breathtaking town on top of a hill with gorgeous little streets and views… wine and truffle paradise!!!

– We always dreamed of driving in Italy (especially in the Tuscany region) to get the real experience… and we did! We drove from Florence to the Amalfi Coast, with one stop in Siena, a medieval city in the middle of three hills. We have tons of stories from this road trip (unfortunately not enough photos because we were busy trying not to get lost “again”).

Meanwhile, I would let you enjoy the first part of our trip through our camera while you start packing your things to go out and enjoy the beauty of this world and its cultures!!!

P.s the second part of our trip will be in the blog soon.

Lastly, if you need any recommendations, I can tell you some that we have based on our “mistakes” and also amazing experiences ;)

Photos by: Juancho SC Photography – with Fuji XT2

Autor: Johana Londono

Travel Photography

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph

Travel Photograph


Pssss…. the second part of our trip will be in the blog soon :)

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