January 21, 2019

Winter Engagement at Pilsen

“Why do people take pictures in the winter?” or “How do you handle the cold?” These are just some of the questions that people ask when they see us taking pictures of our couples in the winter.

The negative sides can be many and we all have to deal with it when cleaning the snow, going to work, walking the dog, etc. but the reality is that nothing adds more drama and magic to a shoot than the highlights of this season: the snow, the vapor coming out of your breath, the fashion color trends and even those gray days. 

The truth is that when it comes to photographing our couples, our tip # 1 is to do what it feels right, comfortable, authentic, showing who you are and how you enjoy life forgetting the eventualities that here in Chicago can be many and always extreme.

When Emily and Jorge suggested to do their engagement photos in Pilsen, we got excited with the idea of creating something new that would reflect the memories they have there. As you will see in their photos, this day was full of many “magical factors”: The snowfall, a four legged friend, and a brave couple with their cool ponchos and sincere smiles made the shoot very special.

The reason why people take pictures in the winter and endure the cold is because at some point (after getting freezing hands and red nose) they forget all distractions: the weather, the pose, the location. They do it because they forget the world and start to live in the moment despite the ups and downs.. a theory quite similar to the way we should live life! 

Thanks to the team:

Emily + Jorge for being troopers and your input on the location

Murphy: for your professionalism when it comes to posing ?

Olivia from Olive Fine Weddings (last minute flash assistant): for bringing that spark and joy to the shoot.

Simone’s Bar: for letting us get cozy (and shoot) inside. Also, for the complimentary drinks for the good looking couple ;) #cheers!

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