June 9, 2015

Back to Reality After a Wedding Weekend

When we finish a wedding the process afterwards is always the same: download the pictures, save, pick and edit them, post them online and wait for approval and selection from our clients so we can then begin to design the album. As you can see during the whole process from beginning to end, everything is “homemade”. And although the process can seem tedious to anybody looking in, there is a very special moment that we call the “moment of truth”. It consists of my wife Johana and I sitting down to look at each picture we took, sometimes immediately after the wedding with a glass of wine in hand until 3 or 4am. Those moments are filled with silence, laughs, auto criticism and a lot of satisfaction.

 From each wedding we’ll get pictures that are full of emotions with laughs, tears, first looks and kisses, of course some funny pictures (like the guest who has a kiss planted on their cheek without knowing and kids being kids), some pictures that shock us since they came out like a work of art without even planning it that way, and pictures that are artistic (those that are planned come out like a work of art lol) and those that are full of glamour…where our brides and their grooms seem like they have been pulled out of a fairytale.

Therefore here are a “few pictures” that have made us stay up way past our bedtime, laugh and even shed a tear or two so far in what has been a great year! We can only imagine what the rest will bring, which we are ready for!!!

Facebook 1

This ceremony wasn’t your traditional one, which made it all the more special along with all the tears of happiness and laughs. This particular pictures needs no description.Facebook 2

Love it!

Facebook 3

Well..for some, weddings aren’t all that their cut out to be.

Facebook 4

This is one of my favorite pictures although it was difficult getting to this cave. The bride and Johana got their feet in so much mud! We all ended up like that but also with a big smile of satisfaction after the picture was taken.Facebook 5

Some of the most beautiful moments that happen in all weddings are the ones that take place before the ceremony. You can see the reflection of love this wonderful family has (mother and daughter).
Facebook 7

The day is always more enjoyable when our couples decide to be a little risky! And of course this always is reflected in the final product.

Facebook 8

After a day of schedules to follow and limited time, once in a while it’s good to just go with the flow and let spontaneity take it’s course.  This was our escape to the bar where these lovebirds meet ☺Facebook 14

Facebook 15

Facebook 9

It’s important for us that our newly weds enjoy their day, but if while their eating or telling secrets we see the opportunity to capture a good photo…we happily will take advantage of it!Facebook 10

When we say that we are a part of that special day, we mean we are a part of EVERYTHING!!!

Facebook 14

It wasn’t a nervous laugh but more of a contagious one…this bride couldn’t control herself seeing how the wind keep taking the aisle runner with it.
Facebook 12

Facebook 11

And we close with one of our most recent weddings in the breathtaking Chicago Cultural Center, this place definitely has its charm and character anywhere you look.Facebook 13

Thanks to all our “friends vs clients”, all the talented vendors and all the “extras” that make our weekends full of joy and new experiences. It’s not time to recharge batteries (literally) for our next adventure this weekend.

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