October 4, 2016

Bellevue Club Wedding: Genevieve + Henry

Genevieve and Henry’s wedding was held at The Bellevue Club in Washington State with many surprises for their guests: A magician, fun trivia, games and a colorful send off. The trivia revealed a lot about their talents, personalities, and love story. A few facts we learned were that Henry earned thousand of miles during his long distance relationship with Genevieve and that Genevieve herself knows how to play not one but several music instruments and is a photographer as well. After the trivia we felt like we knew them since high school lol. It was a fun and very different way to celebrate with their loved ones.

Looking for a different photography style outside of Washington, they started looking at cities where weddings are usually indoors with a dramatic and vivid style. After meetings with them we knew how important photography was for them and how exciting and challenging it was going to be for us… and it really was.

Genevieve and Henry, we really admired your talents and feel so blessed to meet couples so kind and warm. Thank you for letting us be part of this celebration and for the opportunity of shooting in a beautiful state that we now love and have amazing memories at.

Venue: Bellevue Club Washington 

genevieve-and-henry-1 genevieve-and-henry-3 genevieve-and-henry-4 genevieve-and-henry-6 genevieve-and-henry-8 genevieve-and-henry-12 genevieve-and-henry-13 genevieve-and-henry-16 genevieve-and-henry-20 genevieve-and-henry-21 genevieve-and-henry-22 genevieve-and-henry-23 genevieve-and-henry-26 genevieve-and-henry-27 genevieve-and-henry-28 genevieve-and-henry-29 genevieve-and-henry-30 Bellevue Club Wedding genevieve-and-henry-34 genevieve-and-henry-35 genevieve-and-henry-36 genevieve-and-henry-37 genevieve-and-henry-40 genevieve-and-henry-41 genevieve-and-henry-42 genevieve-and-henry-43 genevieve-and-henry-44 genevieve-and-henry-48 Bellevue Club Wedding Bellevue Club Wedding

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