September 27, 2016

Galleria Marchetti wedding: Victoria and John

Have you ever looked someone in the eye and felt like you can see his or her soul? Well, that’s the feeling we had and still have when we see Victoria and John’s photos. We fell in love with their genuine spirits and personalities since the moment we met via Skype last year.

When we met them in person last spring in New York for their Engagement, we had the best time talking about EVERYTHING but the wedding. We talked about her passion for running marathons, his enthusiasm about soccer (Juancho was so happy talking to his new soccer buddy) and before we knew it, we were driving together across Hoboken talking about food, wine, Uruguay (his hometown), Colombia, and Chicago (Victoria’s hometown).

We thought we had the best time at their engagement until the day of their wedding, when we really got to see where their personalities come from. Their families, both Victoria and John’s were incredibly warm and fun.

I don’t think I can’t express with words what our hearts felt when we saw these two seeing each other for their first time, walking down the aisle as husband and wife, and enjoying every word, every kiss, and every smile together.

Today, reviewing their gallery over and over again, we know that perfect couples exist and that happiness is given to those sincere and genuine people who love themselves and others freely. Victoria and John, we will always feel blessed to have you and your amazing memories in our hearts.

Venue: La Pergola – Galleria Marchetti

Hotel: Renaissance Chicago

Day of Coordinator: Merry Green – MGPGevents

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