March 30, 2016

Bridgeport Art Center Wedding: Norma + Marti

This year we kicked off the Chicago wedding season before it usually starts, during what we call the off-season. Personally, these weddings are a dream come true for us, as we are able to highlight Chicago’s beauty during the cold months without the pressure of the heat and humidity, which is any bride’s worse nightmare. Norma and Marti’s wedding was this past March 6th and it was a beautiful spring day…perfect for their wedding that took place at Bridgeport Art Center, a venue with a rustic and very romantic style. Norma and Marti were one of those couples that started the conversation warning us that they are shy and wanted their wedding to be focused on their families and any spontaneous moments that would come up. In other words, they told us exactly what we wanted to hear; as there isn’t anything else we enjoy more than photographing our “shy couples”. After seeing all the pictures, we confirmed that someone’s personality doesn’t matter, what’s important is to highlight their happiness and illusion that is reflected on such magical day. Norma and Marti thank you for your trust and kindness before, during and after the wedding…we really enjoyed every moment of your beautiful day.

Bridgeport Art Center Wedding




Bridgeport Art Center Wedding

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Venue : Bridgeport Art Center

Catering: Cocina Fusion

Flowers: Pollen Floral Design

Makeup by: Christina Artrip for Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists 

Hair by: Angelica Acosta

Photography: Juancho SC Photography

Autor: Johana Londoño

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