February 20, 2015

Capturing Love Stories

I was reading an article the other day, and I came across something that explains exactly how I feel when taking photos of a couple and that rare yet unique moment when they are not looking into the camera. Gabe McClintock, an International Wedding and Portrait photographer said, “I almost never have a couple looking into the camera because I find that faces can distract from what’s happening in the photo”. When you’re capturing emotional moments, that’s all you want…feelings! You want the picture to have the essence of the moment.

We describe our style as “emotional – creative documentary”, meaning we will seize what is happening before our eyes during a wedding or an engagement session. While of course always looking for any opportunity, background, lighting situation or even crazy ideas to get those creative shots that complement the story being told.

Last weekend we took engagement photos of a couple from San Francisco and we love how this shoot explains exactly how we feel about capturing love stories. Here’s a sneak peek of Horace & Audrey’s Engagement Session… all we can say is that we fell in love with their personalities, smiles and energy! Best of all, she looks just like Jennifer Gartner… don’t you think?









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