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February 5, 2015

Best Season for Engagement Photos

We were just asked by a couple who is getting married this summer; when is the best season for engagement photos in Chicago. And to be honest there isn’t a right or bad moment to do them.

If you live in Chicago you must know that the weather is never the one you expect, so you learn to be creative and enjoy every day as it is. From a photographic point of view any season in Chicago can bring the most amazing scenarios for photos, especially when you’re working with couples that will do anything to get unforgettable photos that document their love.

Last Saturday we were honored to spend the day with Laura and Mike who were brave enough to deal with the cold winter.

We started at the Milton Lee Olive Park which has a stunning Chicago skyline view, and how not to take some great photos at the DuSable Bridge and the Iconic Chicago Theater. 

This is what we got from putting together their ideas, personality and love.

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