September 19, 2016

Chicago Cultural Center Wedding: Monica + Tom

Starting a blog post is sometimes a difficult task, especially when in front of you have a gallery of pictures that speak for themselves and each one has a story. When we first met Monica and Tom we were thrilled at the idea of going back to photograph at one of our favorite venues, The Chicago Cultural Center. And in a blink of an eye we were at the Holy Cathedral witnessing such special chemistry between the two of them. During the ceremony you could hear the planes from the Chicago Air and Water Show, it was as if the city was joining in on the celebration. Minutes later we found ourselves running against the weather and enjoying the day as it came. Fortunately the weather and the Gods of love conspired so that it would be an unforgettable day. I think they did their part and us? Well, we still have a smile ear to ear after seeing so much happiness and love together!

Cheers to Love… and Rosé Champagne ;)

Thanks to the new and old vendors we had the pleasure to work with:

Hotel: Dana Hotel

Venue : Chicago Cultural Center

Catering: Cocina Fusion 

Florist: Juliet Tan Floral Design

Dress: Sophia Tolli 

Makeup Artist: Noor Farhan 

Dj: StandAndClap Entertainment

Photography: Juancho SC Photography

Autor: Johana Londoño

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