April 28, 2015

Creating an Enjoyable Experience

When we take engagement pictures the first thing we want for our couples is for them to be happy with the location they chose (making sure it has some significance to them and that it identifies them as a couple) and second for them  to have a good time, an enjoyable experience that is able to break the ice between them and the camera.

Last Friday, for the first time, we meet in person with Cloe and Allegra, a beautiful couple that will be getting married in July at the Fisherman’s Inn Elburn, IL.

Even though we had taken pictures before at the Art Institute Gardens, this time it was different. Cloe and Allegra started like most couples, a little nervous not knowing what to do. But we took longer in getting our cameras ready than what it took them to start enjoying the shoot from beginning to end… which that’s what it’s all about!

Whether it’s a family portrait or a wedding portrait, it’s all about having that special connection with your photographer, being able to enjoy the moment, to forget about all protocols and to see in every wall and corner, the best of places to capture that moment full of love.

We share with you the love, spontaneity and joy that this wonderful couple reflects.CloeAllegra

Urban Engagement-7

Urban Engagement-1

Urban Engagement-6

Urban Engagement-5

Urban Engagement-2

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