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April 23, 2015

The benefits of working in pajamas

Working in pajamas has its benefits as long as you don’t forget where your passion for work ends and where the passion for one begins.

Who hasn’t wanted to work from home, have their own business, manage their own time, let their imagination fly, live without limitations, feel free? Everyone at some point in life has felt this curiosity and at times the blessing to make it come true.

It was a year ago that I left my old job (radio) so Juancho and I could unite our forces and work together on our life project, our baby…. photography!

A normal day (when we’re not in a shoot or wedding) consists of drinking Colombian Coffee, talking about our projects for that day, about our errors, dream together, celebrate our triumphs and sit in front of the computer to edit, respond to emails, be accountants, administrators, graphic designers, publicists, bloggers and whatever profession we need to make our business better everyday. All of a sudden it’s happened where it’s already 12 noon and we have forgotten to eat and are still in our pajamas!

And this is when one needs to know when to stop to continue being productive (although it sounds contradictory)…


In our case we decided to make a moment in our day for our babies (Paco & Peque) and their long walks they so much enjoy. There also has to be time for yoga (or something that helps the body feel healthy), a moment for a treat (whatever that may be) and of course something we never forget to do is have our “meetings” or as Juancho likes to call them our “outings”…These “meetings” we usually have at a bar or restaurant (or any neutral place that is not at the office) where we talk about what we need to improve and what accomplishments we can celebrate.


Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you work in pajamas or in a Dolce Gabbana suite, you need to make time for yourself, your better half, your loved ones and of course time to DREAM since at the end of the day its what gets you closer to your true PASSION.


Photos with Iphone 6

Authored by: Johana Londono

Paco & Peque Instagram: Follow2Chihuahuas

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