September 8, 2015

W Chicago Lakeshore: Maggie + Adam

If we had to describe Maggie and Adam in two words, they would be fun and extremely good-looking couple…okay that was more than two words but how could we not say they are beautiful?

Their wedding took place at W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel, the same day of the Air and Water Show in Chicago, which made for the perfect backdrop when it came time for their first look.

Maggie and Adam made sure to tell us when we first met that what they wanted most was for us to document how much fun they would have that day. And after seeing their pictures, it’s clear that they enjoyed their day from beginning to end.

Maggie looked splendid on her Lazaro dress that left many in awe. It was simply beautiful to see how her dress light up anywhere she walked.

What really marked the night were the speeches that stole a few tears, tears of laughter that is from the guests! Afterwards the incredible band made sure everyone enjoyed every song and later on in the night everyone got to marvel over the Navy Pier Fireworks. The night could not have been more perfect!

Maggie and Adam, we wish you a life full of happiness and love. We have to confess, just like your closets friend shared, we can’t wait for the time to come where we get to meet your kids, since they will look like they were taken out of a magazine!

Maggie and Adam  2Maggie and Adam  49

The perfect gift for the beautiful ladies

W Chicago Lakeshore wedding

Maggie and Adam  42

To calm the nerves, a little champagne while getting ready

Maggie and Adam  45

While Adam was getting ready and waiting for the first look, laughter was all you could hear!

Maggie and Adam

Maggie and Adam  47 Maggie and Adam  48W Chicago lakeshore

Simply stunning! Not only beautiful on the outside but also in the inside, such a caring and loving person.
Maggie and Adam  44

YES! We have great photos of the dress but this one is priceless. Father of the bride delivered the beautiful Lazaro dress and couldn’t help but pose for a picture ;)

Maggie and Adam  2 Maggie and Adam  3 W Chicago Lakeshore

Our gorgeous bride with the Navy Pier in the background

Maggie and Adam  5 W Chicago Lakeshore wedding Maggie and Adam  7 Maggie and Adam  8 Maggie and Adam  9

Their first look had a unique backdrop and soundtrack

Maggie and Adam  10

Throughout the day you could see the depth of Maggie’s love to Adam by simply seeing how she looked at himMaggie and Adam  12

W Chicago Lakeshore wedding

The outdoor ceremony at the W Chicago Lakeshore was the perfect scenario for this Chicago downtown wedding

Maggie and Adam  14 Maggie and Adam  15 Maggie and Adam  16

Which could also be said for Adam, especially while she walked down the aisle and emotions won him overMaggie and Adam  17

Maggie and Adam  18

Walking down the aisle with dad, ready to begin the journey of husband and wife

W Chicago Lakeshore wedding

Maggie and Adam  20 W Chicago Lakeshore W Chicago Lakeshore wedding

First steps as Mr. and Mrs.  

Maggie and Adam  23

Maggie and Adam  11

Maggie and Adam  25 Maggie and Adam  26 Maggie and Adam  27 Maggie and Adam  28 Maggie and Adam  29

The speeches perfectly described how they were made for each other

Maggie and Adam  30

…and how their friends know them better than they do

Maggie and Adam  31 Maggie and Adam  32 W Chicago Lakeshore wedding Maggie and Adam  34 Maggie and Adam  35 Maggie and Adam  36

Maggie’s dad started the party at their first dance

Maggie and Adam  37

W Chicago Lakeshore wedding Maggie and Adam  39

Maggie and Adam  40

W Chicago Lakeshore wedding

Many thanks to the creative team who made this amazing wedding come to life:

Venue: W Chicago Lakeshore

Gown: JLM Couture – Lazaro Collection

Wedding Coordinator: Emilee Lales – A Perfect Pair Chicago

Hair: Adrianne Johnston

Makeup :Donna Oliver – RC Beauty

Floral: The Flower Firm

Cocktail and Reception Music: The Personnel

 Cake and Favors : Aliance Bakery

Transportation: Second City Trolley

Photo: Juancho SC Photography

Autor: Johana Londono

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