August 12, 2015

Fishermen’s Inn Wedding: Allegra and Cloe

I’ll never forget what the officiate and cousin of Allegra said during the ceremony, that Cloe and Allegra would always look at each other in the most romantic way even if they were far apart in a room full of people. And sure enough, Allegra and Cloe always do just that and like it’s the first time with illusion, admiration and love.

Even though they had been legally married for a year, Allegra and Cloe still wanted to celebrate with their friends and family such a special day that had been long awaited for, since their relationship was a long distance one. And now I understand why, every single person that was there reflected the purest of love and happiness for the brides.

This outdoor wedding was full of surprises, beautiful details and joy. Juancho and I even felt like we had known them forever because it was impossible not to be excited for this couple that with their kindness and smiles had make us feel like family. I even have to confess that my eyes watered up when Cloe at the beginning of her speech thanked Juancho and I for “accompanying them with our talent”…at that moment, with cameras in hand and in action, we looked at each other from across the room and smiled from ear to ear with teary eyes…how do we even being to describe that moment? It’s impossible to do so with words, maybe with these images you can get an idea of the love they have for each other and us to them.

The night came to an end and their guests just kept on dancing. The best part was when Allegra with a little help of her sister and friends prepared a surprise Flashback Dance that completely took Cloe by surprise…her face was priceless!!!

Thanks Allegra and Cloe, it’s because of couples like you that our passion keeps growing more and more each day.

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Venue: Fishermen’s Inn

Photo: Juancho SC Photography

Autor: Johana Londono

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