February 11, 2016

Wedding Medellin Colombia: Maria Clara and Carlos

We are blessed to have the job that we have…and each image that you are about to see will demonstrate why…  
Being part of stories, getting to know couples that then go from clients to friends, being part of a family for a day and being behind the camera of the images they will always remember, is priceless! 
With Maria Clara and Carlos history repeats itself, they opened the doors to their story and now they are a part of ours. 
The story of these newlyweds began all of a sudden, not being looked for where destiny showed it’s best work of art. Today their smiles and faces reflect their happiness and the illusion of a new adventure together. 
With this wedding we end a three month cycle in Medellin, Colombia in which we proposed to ourself to enjoy our families, country, people and where life put such special people in our path, full of happiness and love that made our stay unforgettable. 
Maria Clara y Carlos, once again congratulations on this beautiful journey you have both started and may life keep surprising you both like it did on the day you met.Destination Wedding
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Many thanks to an amazing team:
Venue + Catering: Recinto Quirama

Makeup Artist: Diana Mora Makeup


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