June 25, 2015

Edwards Apple Orchard: Audrey + Horace

We will always remember Audrey & Horace as the couple that loves sweets. And after their wedding at Edwards Apple Orchard, there is no doubt that these two aside from being super sweet people, are lovers of desserts!

Edwards Apple Orchard holds a special place in Audrey’s heart, it’s seen her grow up with her siblings and now create such a meaningful memory in her life…that of getting married with her soulmate!

Their wedding from beginning to end was beyond magical. The barn looked like a Disney story brought to life with breathtaking peonies everywhere, vintage lights and the most delicious smell of desserts that we still dream of today!All of it made possible with the love and care of friends and family who worked together so that Audrey and Horace’s day would go perfectly.

Audrey’s father even worked on one of her daughter’s wish for her wedding day, which was to have a gorgeous, wood door as the backdrop during the ceremony. But due to the rain (which seems to follow us every weekend) the ceremony had to take place elsewhere. Fortunately, Audrey & Horace had planned a first look before the ceremony which was done in front of the wooden doors! We were able to capture the beauty of the place and the happiness they felt on the day they had long been waiting for.

The rain never stopped the guests or the newly weds from enjoying every detail that was carefully planned for what turned out to be an excellent night!

Just like we told you on your special day, thank you Audrey & Horace for opening the doors to your home and to your story that is just starting. We wish you a life together that is full of love and keep seeing the world through the eyes of a kid, with curiosity and always wanting to reach for more.

Chicago Barn Wedding 1

Two miles before arriving we knew it was going to be a great day! Chicago Barn Wedding 9

Chicago Barn Wedding 5

Chicago Barn Wedding 6

Chicago Barn Wedding 4

Audrey had her friends by her side, looking beautiful in their Navy Blue dressesChicago Barn Wedding 3

Audrey (we say she is Jennifer Gartner’s double) looked angelical and her joy was contagious to everyone around!

Chicago Barn Wedding 10

Horace was beyond happy to spend the day with his friends and family that had just arrived directly from Hong Kong for his wedding

Chicago Barn Wedding 7

Chicago Barn Wedding 8

No words need to be said…

Chicago Barn Wedding 11

Edward Apple Orchard wedding

Mother Nature held the rain off for us so we could capture their first look and the beauty of the orchard

Chicago Barn Wedding 14

Chicago Barn Wedding 15

Edward Apple Orchard wedding

Chicago Barn Wedding 43

Edward Apple Orchard wedding

Chicago Barn Wedding 47

When Audrey’s dad (who loves being a meteorologist as a hobby) gave the news that the ceremony would have to change locations, her friends and sister only looked at the positive side and practiced their “rain dance” JK (:

Chicago Barn Wedding 13

Edward Apple Orchard wedding

Chicago Barn Wedding 22

Chicago Barn Wedding 24

Not even the rain could stop our bride from making a spectacular entrance to the altarChicago Barn Wedding 23

Chicago Barn Wedding 25

Chicago Barn Wedding 26

Chicago Barn Wedding 27

Edward Apple Orchard wedding

Chicago Barn Wedding 35

Chicago Barn Wedding 30

Chicago Barn Wedding 31

Chicago Barn Wedding 41

Chicago Barn Wedding 40

Chicago Barn Wedding 32

Chicago Barn Wedding 44

More than 90 desserts ready to be eaten!

Chicago Barn Wedding 36

Chicago Barn Wedding 42

Chicago Barn Wedding 45

They couldn’t stop smiling… I’m wondering why!

Chicago Barn Wedding 48

Chicago Barn Wedding 49

The band in charge of getting everyone to the dance floor was out of this world. There was not one song they didn’t get people dancing

Chicago Barn Wedding 50

Chicago Barn Wedding 51

And how does a magical night end…with a magical moment!

Chicago Barn Wedding 52

Thank you to each and everyone that made this day magical!

Venue: Edward Apple Orchard 

Music Band: Hey Jimmy 

Video: Amor in Motion

Photography: Juancho SC

Autor: Johana

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