June 22, 2015

Millennium Knickerbocker Wedding: Colleen + Steve

Colleen and Steve’s wedding was full of glamour, beauty and lots of partying at the iconic Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel.

It seems like it was just yesterday when we meet this fun couple at our studio, Colleen a tall beautiful blonde and Steve with a smile from ear to ear. They were one of those couples that radiated their happiness.

I remember when they said that it was important to them that we document their love and the huge party they were planning for their guests. After seeing their pictures, I’m pretty sure their mission was accomplished.

On the day of the wedding, Colleen illuminated the room with her beauty and happiness. Her bridesmaids didn’t fall short either as they also looked gorgeous, especially in their robes that Colleen gave them as a gift. Meanwhile, Steve and his groomsmen were just realizing that the big day had arrived and they needed to get dressed and going.

Their first look and post wedding photos were originally planned to be around Chicago, but sometimes Mother Nature makes you go to Plan B, which was the case with the rain that started falling around downtown. Fortunately The Knickerbocker, a 1970’s Playboy Hotel, is full of history; the rooms from wall to wall are full of art. So as you can imagine, this made for some excellent and one of a kind pictures.

In the end Colleen and Steve sure did make their guests dance the night away and enjoy every second just as they dreamed.

Mr. and Mrs. Tratar ( you better get use to it lol) now that you are back to reality after an incredibly honey moon in Kauai, we want to share with you a brief glimpse into your wedding day so you can remember this day as the best in your life ;)

Hotel  1

The day started full of details and magic Hotel  21

Speaking of magic, look a this adorable flower girl

Hotel  25

Chicago Hotel  27

 These soft floral robes were the perfect gift for the beautiful ladies

 Hotel  3

Simply elegant and quietly sophisticated… just beautiful!

Chicago  Hotel

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  2

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  2

In the meantime Steve and his guys were pretending they were not hangover from the rehearsal dinner

Millenium Knickerbocker Hotel  28

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  9

Steve couldn’t have been more excited to see her future wife

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  5

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  6

They make such a cute couple

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  10

Chicago Hotel  1

This historic hotel hosted an elegant and sophisticate ceremony and reception. The chandeliers were out of this world!

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  22

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  23

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  24

 Hotel  2

Ready to take on the world now as Mr. and Mrs.

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  8

Chicago Hotel  3

Chicago  Hotel  13

After their first dance, Colleen & Steve enjoyed the traditional Champagne parade at this iconic hotel

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel  14

Chicago Hotel  15

Some people just have the ability to make the speeches more fun and memorable… a great way to kick-off a night of celebration!

chicago Hotel  16

chicago Hotel  17

Chicago  18

Venue: Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel 

Make-Up Artist : Brittany Reshelle Hennings 

Hair: Kt Rucker 

Photography: Juancho SC 

Autor: Johana

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